New Expositions:

Comming Soon:

– Grand Solo Exposition Roja Ting from 3 april till 25 april in Balen, Belgium (soon more information)

Roja Ting exposition in Colmar France, september 2017

Galerie Villa Fleck.

Roja Ting is Nominated at the International Art Exposition in Ingoldstadt, Germany.

26 Mai -28 Mai 2017




Roja Ting Mini Sculptures.


Roja Ting TV  intervieuw  in Amsterdam  ( The Netherlands)


Artwork from Roja Ting delivered to Minister Plasterk ( Ministry of Intertior and Kingdom Relations) The Netherlands.


Roja Ting “Meet the Russians”stars Kamaliya and Mohammad Zahoor.


Quote hundred biggest art-collector from the Netherlands, Fam. Huibregtsen and Maurice de Hond addopt 20 artworks from Roja Ting for there Privat Art Collections.

H10  IMG_5082

Roja Ting Design 4 limited edtion Carpeds in wool, they come include certificate.